Travel and accommodation

Exhibition venue

area30 and cube30
Lübbecker Straße 29
D-32584 Löhne

Route planner

Easy access to the area30 exhibition grounds

Take exit no. 30 – Löhne/Hüllhorst – on the a30 motorway. You'll reach area30 and cube30 at Lübbecker Straße 29 in about a minute. You will find sufficient parking spaces directly at the exhibition center or in the vicinity. A free shuttle service is also available at the Albert-Schweitzer Straße 13 car park, 32584 Löhne.

Free park-and-ride shuttle service

A special car-park shuttle service with selected limousines runs between the different area30 car parks.

Parking with shuttle service: Albert-Schweitzer Straße 13, 32584 Löhne

Parking at the exhibition hall: Lübbecker Straße 29, 32584 Löhne

Camper parking space

Parking for Campers: Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 7, 32584 Löhne

From the mobile home parking space, you can walk to area30 and cube30 in just 5 minutes.

Booking a hotel

Book a hotel quickly and simply with our cooperation partner AVANTEL at: