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area30 / cube30 Trade visitor feedback 2019
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Please rate the questions about area30 and cube30 in 2019 according to school grades. 1 = very good, 6 = insufficient. Tick the grade.

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Public relations and media presence in the run-up to the fair
Attractiveness and appeal of the fair
Attractiveness of exhibitors
Friendliness of the check-in team
Climatic conditions in the hall / building
Quality and friendliness of the shuttle service
Ease of online check-in
Quality of W-LAN

Did you use the shuttle service?

Did you register via online check-in?

Did you use the free W-LAN?

How did you hear about area30 and cube30? (multiple answers possible)

How many trade fair locations do you visit during house fairs?

How many days do you spend at house fairs?

How long were you at area30 and cube30?

If there is one thing that could be improved at area30 and cube30 in the future, then it is ...

If you find something particularly good about area30 and cube30, then it is ...

Your further suggestions, ideas and criticisms

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