area30 – design. kitchen. technics. the order trade fair in ‘löhne – the kitchen capital of the world’ 14 to 19 september 2013

area30 is the highly attractive order trade fair in the kitchens sector during the eastern westphalian autumn in-house trade fairs / küchenmeile a30 / kow at the central location ‘löhne – the kitchens capital of the world’.

from 14 to 19 september 2013, around 108 exclusive exhibitors and brands from the fields of accessories, worktops, fittings, services, extractor fans, electrical appliances, flooring/floor coverings, institutions/associations, kitchen furniture, lighting, furniture, splashbacks, software/it, miscellaneous, sinks, chairs, tables, and publishers will be presenting their latest developments and highlights, as autumn is when lists are made and orders are generated.

concentrated brand expertise at the hot spot ‘löhne – the kitchens capital of the world’

with around 120 exhibitors and brands, ‘löhne – the kitchens capital of the world’ presents concentrated brand expertise during the eastern westphalian autumn in-house trade fairs / küchenmeile a30 / kow.

together with various other trade fair centres and all of the region’s kitchen furniture manufacturers, the autumn in-house trade fairs are germany’s most important trade fair platform in the kitchens industry. with 108 exhibitors and brands, some of whom are leaders in their sector, area30 is the trade fair centre that has the highest frequency of trade visitors.

highest frequency of visitors at area30

the exhibition centre with the most exhibitors and brands as well as the highest frequency of visitors is area30. 

‘löhne – the kitchens capital of the world’

thanks to its central location, löhne is the ideal venue for the order trade fair area30. löhne is situated directly on the a30 motorway. from motorway junction number 30, you can reach the trade fair venue at lübbecker straße 30 in less than a minute. trade fair visitors can find 1,250 parking spaces around the trade fair site, with up to 2,500 parking spaces at the weekend.

a free park-and-ride shuttle service links the parking areas with area30. all the other trade fair venues involved in the eastern westphalian autumn in-house trade fairs can be reached very easily from löhne.

maximum service for trade visitors

maximum service for trade visitors takes top priority for the exhibitors and organisers of area30. during an average stay of just 1 to 2 days in eastern westphalia, trade visitors want to use the short time to visit the kitchen furniture manufacturers that are important to them. what’s more, they want a concentrated, high-quality presentation of brand manufacturers at an easily accessible, central location.

free services, such as parking, a park-and-ride shuttle service, admission and wi-fi are as much a part of the service as modern, affordable catering in the hall.

start planning today for area30 from 14 to 19 september 2013.

special exhibition - sachsenküchen-ergomatic gets your kitchen moving

in a special events space, sachsenküchen will be presenting a height-adjustable kitchen – ergonomic cooking and preparation at optimal working height.

hotel bookings

as in previous years, we are offering you assistance with your hotel search. you can find selected hotels here

 it’s so easy to find area30: the a30 motorway – junction no. 30 – lübbecker straße 30

join us in eastern westphalia in autumn. the communal trade fair dates for küchenmeile, m.o.w. and area30 make their contribution towards a successful autumn.

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