area30 from September 15th – 20th, 2012 with a new hall in “Löhne – the kitchen capital of the world“

area30 will take place again in “Löhne – the kitchen capital of the world“ in 2012. From September 15th—20th, 2012, top companies of the kitchen industry will exhibit again in a new and even more attractive atmosphere.

Film of area30 premiere 2011
area30 celebrated its successful premiere event in September 2011 with an exceptional and unique exhibition concept in the kitchen industry. We look back on this event at the end of the year.
The film shows impressions, emotions, highlights and statements about area30. It reflects in particular the excellent involvement of the exhibitors.

You are welcome to embed the film in your website.

The area30 film can be found here.

Deciding in favour of “Löhne – the kitchen capital of the world"
A very clear signal is emerging from the feedback questionnaires of exhibitors and trade visitors as well as from many personal discussions:area30 belongs in Löhne. We have already implemented many new measures for exhibitors so that they can create a very successful and profitable area30 again in 2012.

Improved quality
küchentrends gmbh has made a significant improvement in 2012 in the quality of the area30 trade fair which celebrated its successful premiere in 2011. A new ultra-modern temporary hall has been developed for the upcoming area30 at Lübbecker Straße 30.

New ultra-modern temporary hall
This new temporary hall for area30 in 2012 creates even better conditions for a top presentation by approximately 100 exhibitors and brands during the Eastern Westphalian autumn in-house exhibitions / küchenmeile / kow.

The new hall system has 6 metre high side walls (3.80 metres the previous year). The hall roof meets all requirements of conventional exhibition halls, such as ceiling suspension options, for example.

The already very positive lighting and atmospheric situation will be increased again in 2012. The area30 hall will create an even more pleasant atmosphere with more natural light.

Further improvements for area30 in 2012

  • Redesigning of stand and aisle areas for optimum visitor rate distribution
  • Significantly longer assembly and dismantling periods
  • Better loading and unloading during the assembly and dismantling periods
  • Improved catering system
  • Twice as many high-quality sanitary facilities
  • New, higher positions of the heating / ventilation shafts for better stand construction
  • New floor systems
  • Exclusive pre-VIP check-in
  • Improved press area

The features of area30 praised by trade visitors and exhibitors (friendly check-in team, car park – shuttle service with pleasant stewards) will naturally be provided to at least the same extent in 2012 also.

Those exhibitors who have already seen the new hall type and improvements personally were very positively impressed.

Several companies which visited area30 as guests in 2011 are very interested in participating in area30 in 2012.

Images of the new hall type are to be found here.

You will be informed regularly of further developments.

We‘ll see you.

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