east westphalian autumn home exhibitions – küchentrends gmbh presents: name, claim, logo, current status of option registrations, latest exhibition hall images for the trade fair centre in "löhne – kitchen metropolis"

developments for the new exhibition centre are going well. an ever growing number of exhibitors has registered via the options form. the new, highly attractive exhibition platform has received much attention. another important step was concluded with the ci-development.

choosing the name.
finding an adequate name for the new exhibition centre in "löhne – kitchen metropolis" was quite a challenge, since many criteria and parameters had to be fulfilled.

the criteria.
among the required the criteria for choosing a name were:
– nationally / internationally understandable and easy to pronounce
– "reduced" to the essence
– in agreement with the strategic objectives
– concise, free from trends
– homage to the east westphalian autumn home exhibitions

the parameters.
the existing conditions in the east westphalian region for the autumn home exhibitions had to be respected. the main requirement was to develop a remarkable name, which on the one hand clearly positions and differentiates itself and, on the other hand, is seamlessly incorporated into the many well-known names, supporting the local exhibitions in the best way possible.

it stood to reason, to use the name to promote the entire region, with all its kitchen manufacturers, the marketing association a30 küchenmeile e.v. and all the exhibition platforms of the east westphalian autumn home exhibitions. At the same time, the new highly attractive exhibition platform in "löhne – kitchen metropolis" should receive an independent name. this name had to be neutral and stand out due to the brand names of its top class exhibitors.

the trade fair name.
the selected trade fair name meets all the evaluation criteria and preconditions. the name of the new trade fair platform in löhne is:


other meanings of "area" are: domain, speciality, compound, space etc.

the intention.
it has been the project’s intention that the easily understandable name of "area30" will strengthen the entire spectrum of the east westphalian autumn home exhibitions. the a30 is included in the name "area30" as an homage to the local conditions as well as to the intentions of the a30 küchenmeile e.v. marketing association and the entire autumn home exhibitions.

the trade fair site.
another reason for the integration of the a30 in the name of the trade fair was the location of the area30 in "löhne – kitchen motropolis", immediately off the a30 motorway. when you take motorway exit 30, it takes just 1 minute to reach the area30 site on lübbecker straße.

this provides the perfect location for area30 in "löhne – kitchen metropolis". from here, visitors have easy access to the great number of kitchen manufacturers in and around löhne, as well as to the other trade fair sites. this location is quite important based on visitor behaviour to the east westphalian autumn home exhibitions. approximately 80 % of visitors stay just 1 or 2 days. they value short distances permitting them to visit as many companies as possible in the shortest possible time.

in "löhne – kitchen metropolis" exhibiting companies include bau-for-mat, burger küchen, nieburg küchen, nolte küchen, siematic küchen and house4kitchen with erbi, franke, leicht, schüller and zeyko. these companies can be reached within 1 to 8 minutes. within 13 to 20 minutes visitors can reach all other kitchen manufacturers and trade fair centres.

mission statement
a mission statement was developed for the brand name, expressing the brand core of area30. it offers the professional trade fair visitor an indication of the nature of the trade fair.

area30 – design. kitchen. technics.

the exhibitors of area30 are the stars of this trade fair and they are the main attraction for trade fair visitors. they present high quality products, and reflect all aspects of "design". many of them have been presented with or nominated for design awards.

all services and products of area30 are centred around the "kitchen" theme. service companies are just as welcome here, as kitchen manufacturers and associations.

the "technics" (kitchen technology)  area of area30 offers a particularly broad spectrum. suppliers and manufacturers of worktops, fixtures, electrical appliances, sinks and accessories enrich the exhibition with their exhibits.

the logo.
the logo for the new trade fair is easy to remember, short, simple, sober, timeless. in addition to the trade fair name "area30" and the statement "design. kitchen. technics." it contains a graphic image. the character "a" is printed in white on a silver-coloured circle, as a symbol for area30.

the trade fair concept.
the trade fair concept of area30 consistently implements its stylistic guidelines. reduced to the essentials, it is sober, realistic, timeless. the predominating colours being white, black and silver.

reduction to the essentials, the preconditions and, above all, visitors’ behaviour have a decisive impact on the supporting programme of area30.

podium discussions / expert panels / professional presentations during the trade fair are worth their weight in gold for the küchentrends fair at munich, yet they are not suitable for east westphalia.
podium discussions / expert panels / professional presentations are in great demand and much appreciated at the küchentrends trade fair in munich. experts as well as trade visitors gladly take the time to participate in the supporting programme since they have come to munich specially to attend the küchentrends trade fair.

however, time is money for the trade visitors of the east westphalian autumn home exhibitions. here, the trade visitor does not have the time, due to the relatively short average length of stay of only 1 or 2 days. visitors want to utilise their time effectively, pay a visit to several kitchen manufacturers, one or two trade fair centres and the interesting exhibitors of area30.

provisional registration.
the following companies and brands have already taken out an option on a stand at area30 

akp carat-arbeitsplatten
aqua cucina
beckermann küchen
berbel ablufttechnik
der kreis
fb vertriebs gmbh
garant-möbel holding
grohe deutschland vertriebs gmbh
kruse design
küchen partner
küchen areal
lenoxx designhauben
liva die schönkocher
novy dunstabzugshauben
oranier küchentechnik
reginox deutschland
sedia küchentechnik
shd kreative planungssysteme

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