Exclusively for trade fair visitors – recipe booklet “Mission Leibspeise” personally by Sebastian Lege

Recipe booklet "Mission Leibspeise" with Sebastian Lege's favorite recipes

Oranier and Sebastien Lege, that's the mixture that Sebastien Lege describes as "fusion cuisine". Because ORANIER has been producing innovative and high-performance kitchen technology for over 100 years and the creative TV chef conjures up dishes from all over the world and jokes: "I also only cook with water, but much faster thanks to the booster function of the induction fields!"

For a year now, the TV chef has been getting to the bottom of the many little secrets of good taste together with ORANIER and getting rid of bad ingredients. The main focus of activities is on ORANIER's social media channels, where Lege regularly appears in short video sequences in his relaxed and entertaining way. He gives tips that are simple and delicious at the same time. Under the motto "Mission Favorite Food", the chef and food expert reveals the ingredients for his favorite dishes. Whether spaghetti aglio e olio, chicken schnitzel with wasabi mashed peas or hearty roulades with red cabbage and gravy. ORANIER is now presenting a selection in the recipe booklet “Mission Leibspeise”.

Limited and autographed

The first edition is limited to 200 copies, which ORANIER will present to visitors at area30 on the two days of the fair, Sunday and Monday, i.e. on 18th and 19th September 2022. Exclusively hand-signed by Sebastien Lege.

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