Exhibition hall for area30

New ultra-modern temporary hall
The new hall system has 6 metre high side walls (3.80 metres the previous year). The hall roof meets all requirements of conventional exhibition halls, such as ceiling suspension options, for example.

The already very positive lighting and atmospheric situation will be increased again in 2012. The area30 hall will create an even more pleasant atmosphere with more natural light.

Further improvements for area30 in 2012

  • Redesigning of stand and aisle areas for optimum visitor rate distribution
  • Significantly longer assembly and dismantling periods
  • Better loading and unloading during the assembly and dismantling periods 
  • Fine new catering system
  • Twice as many high-quality sanitary facilities 
  • New, higher positions of the heating / ventilation shafts for better stand construction
  • New floor systems
  • Exclusive pre-VIP check-in
  • Improved press area

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