Niehoff Garden outdoor kitchens for the first time at area30

Coming home outside: As a manufacturer of garden furniture, the company Niehoff Garden knows what they are talking about. For a long time, Niehoff has been observing the trend of ever-disappearing boundaries between inside and outside. As a logical consequence, the kitchen also belonged on the terrace - how can you not consider the focal point of a home when a second dining and living room has already been set up outside?

Said and done. And exactly at the right time, because the topic of outdoor cooking has really picked up speed in recent years and can't be stopped. The advantages are obvious: an outdoor kitchen offers the same comfort as the indoor kitchen and as a host you are in the middle of the action instead of alone in the house. This aspect was particularly important for the Munsterlanders and so with their outdoor kitchens they have developed a feel-good place that celebrates culinary highlights and cozy get-togethers in equal measure.

The concept is well received and so the customer can now choose from three different kitchen lines, which can be configured in many different ways. The "Pro Master" made of brushed stainless steel, HPL or teak, with its grill module including refrigerator, storage space and work surface, offers a small outdoor kitchen in itself. It can also be expanded with numerous storage space options, a sink module and even a Kamado grill module.  The "Black Line" inspires design fans and cooking enthusiasts alike with its anthracite-colored aluminum frame and options that can also be configured in HPL and teak. The latest addition is the “Teak Edition”, a solid wood kitchen with functional elements made from recycled teak and a durable ceramic worktop. All three lines can now be discovered at area30.

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