Quooker – the faucet that can do everything welcomes you to area30 2022.

The Quooker has become an it-piece in the kitchen in recent years. With a Quooker in the house, your customers always have boiling water at hand. And that is particularly practical. No more filling a pot or kettle with water and waiting for it to boil. Just turn on the tap, which delivers boiling water in no time.

The Quooker is the right kitchen appliance for preparing a cup of tea, cooking pasta, blanching vegetables, but also heating up a milk bottle for the baby or rinsing off a greasy pan. The Quooker is also ideal for cleaning grease filters in extractor hoods or for sterilizing pacifiers. With the CUBE it is also possible to draw chilled sparkling and still water from the same tap.

Every Quooker saves energy and resources. It fits perfectly into the kitchen design and also creates space on the worktop. Each Quooker is operated via a distinctive double push-turn mechanism and ensures maximum safety through separately running lines. Particularly interesting for you: innovative product, very large marketing campaigns, stable prices and nationwide field service as well as factory customer service.

We look forward to presenting our innovations, concepts & products to you at a completely new booth.

You can also find more information here: Quooker - The faucet that can do everything

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