special exhibition – sachsenküchen-ergomatic gets your kitchen moving


in a special events space, sachsenküchen will be presenting a height-adjustable kitchen – ergonomic cooking and preparation at optimal working height.

in line with the theme ‘who’s doing the cooking at your house today?’, the company will be the first kitchen manufacturer to present its sachsenküchen-ergomatic hub socket system – an electrically adjustable socket system that enables the working height to be altered by up to 200mm at the touch of a button. this adjusts not only the work surface to a customised working height, but also all of the storage space in the cupboards. the certified and gs-approved ergomatic hub socket system has been available since the beginning of 2013.

the ergomatic system, which was developed in collaboration with the company linak, is equipped with several electric motor drives, which allow the kitchen cupboards and work surfaces to gently and almost silently travel up and down. weights of up to 720kg are thus moved effortlessly. the system is operated using a touch panel integrated into the work surface, which simultaneously shows the current height of the work surface. 

the lifting table, with its table top that can be adjusted by 50cm, is a real all-rounder. as a work table, it can be optimally adjusted to suit individual ergonomic needs. when dining, the table can be moved into a comfortable sitting height. for a chat around the dining table with friends, the table can be adjusted to standing height almost silently. this not only makes an impression but also creates space for numerous people. 

as the ‘focal point of life’, the kitchen offers completely new opportunities thanks to the integration of the hub socket system and lifting table. sachsenküchen gets your kitchen moving!

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