the hall is standing.

the temporary hall has been completed since yesterday, 9th september 2011. teams for installing electricity, water and internet connections have arrived in order to install their equipment. in the next few days approximately 300 electrical connections and 45 water / sewage connections and cabling for lan and wlan access points will be fitted. 

the heating and air conditioning units have passed their test runs perfectly, the roof ventilation systems (5 elements spanning 6 x 5 metres) are ready. the high quality toilet facilities have been delivered and installed. 

the external facilities (barbecue pagodas, 450 square metre bangkirari terrace, 14 x 6 metre entrance portal, advertising gates) are being assembled, piece by piece. 

from tuesday the trade fair construction teams will be arriving to install the exhibition stands of around 90 exhibitors and brands. at the same time the catering area, future area, stage area and entree area will be assembled. 

from wednesday, light and acoustic equipment will follow in the various areas. 

the countdown is running. only 6 days to go. we'll be seeing you.

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