The Spotlight is on!

Midea is presenting the highlights of its extensive built-in appliance portfolio for the first time at area30.

With a total of 15 HeroLine products, Midea promises a 10-year guarantee for these devices. Product quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority for Midea.

The German Innovation Award 2022 winner "KS-DDX 6.32 WT", a top-class side-by-side fridge-freezer combination for maximum cooling experience and equipped with an indoor ice bar and no-frost technology, shines in particular.

Another German Innovation Award 2022 winner "SV 8.45 wi", a built-in dishwasher with Smart Control, ensures particularly user-friendly operation and clean dishes that are easy to see - comfortably from the couch at any time. All built-in dishwashers are smart and can be connected to the in-house MSmartHome app. Midea provides helpful video tutorials and FAQs for this.

Tension rises! Be there live at Midea's very first appearance and immerse yourself in the brand world of Midea.

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