“Steuerbar”– ambigence brings the intuitive control of smart technologies into the kitchen

The modern kitchen – a place of communication and interaction, an oasis of well-being and a central family meeting point. The function of the kitchen has changed in recent years. From a place of food preparation, it has become the centre of everyday life. A new level is now reached by integrating the “Steuerbar”. Steuerbar is a control unit for a wide variety of functions, regardless of the manufacturer. Its use is not only limited to the kitchen, but current and future Smart Home functions can be networked and controlled as well centrally.

Steuerbar is a control unit that fits in seamlessly with the design of a kitchen. The desired functions are located exactly where they are needed. In addition to the integration of smart technology, unconditional ease of use is the top priority. Every kitchen becomes as individual as its users.


About us

We strive to redefine the furniture industry and connect companies across all industries.

As an innovation broker, it is our task to bring together companies that either have a problem and are looking for a solution or that have a technology and are looking for an application for it.

We develop new ideas, pushing the limits of innovation within the furniture industry. Successfully implementing these ideas together with our partners – we continuously strive for the perfect fusion of design and technology.

In doing so, we focus on the development of new technology and application platforms with high innovation potential and not on the development of individual products. We invest in technical feasibility analyses, marketing, network coordination and, in particular, a broad property rights portfolio. This portfolio gives each licensee space for its own innovations and IP rights, which in addition mean increased protection for him.

Experience the Steuerbar on site and get an idea of the many possibilities that the Steuerbar offers. You will find us at stand E 32.

If you have any questions or are interested, even in the run-up to area30, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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