Fresh air for kitchens and living rooms with extractor hoods from berbel: Quiet, durable and highly effective.

Founded in 2001, berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH from Rheine/Westphalia is active worldwide. Since 2012, it has been part of the renowned Swiss WESCO Group, a ventilation technology expert. This partnership combines know-how and creates innovative ventilation concepts for kitchens and living spaces. berbel products impress with German manufacturing, quality and reliability. The 5-year warranty underlines their durability and performance. Working quietly, the extractor fans reliably remove cooking fumes thanks to the unique berbel principle. The design allows for easy cleaning and the advanced recirculation technology reduces kitchen odours by up to 97 %. The extractor hoods ensure hygienic environments by effectively removing vapours and grease thanks to centrifugal force.

The wide-ranging product portfolio from berbel includes an extensive selection of high-quality extractor hoods and hobs to meet individual needs and requirements in the kitchen. The selection includes:

  • Island hoods
  • Island hoods with lift
  • Headroom hoods
  • Wall-mounted hoods
  • Built-in hoods & fan units
  • Hob extractor fans
  • Hobs

Regardless of the choice, all berbel cooker hoods offer first-class performance, durability and aesthetic design that enrich the functionality of any kitchen.

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