ORANIER – Our claim for your family

For us, cooking is more than a necessary job. For us, cooking means being together, passion and fun. Whether with family or friends – cooking or eating together brings people together. This has always been the guiding principle of our company. With our products, we don't just want to make utensils for the kitchen, we want to make your home a real home. A place where you always like to come back, where you feel completely at ease.

The kitchen is the place where you exchange secrets, make plans and laugh and have heated discussions with your loved ones. The linchpin for your family. Making this place your favorite place is our mission - and the claim with which we have been manufacturing our advanced and stylish heating and cooking appliances for over 100 years.

As a traditional German brand, it is also important to us not only to impress with our competence, but also with our performance and services so that people can place their full trust in our brand.

We are more than technology. Orange is technology for you. For your family.


ORANIER Küchentechnik GmbH

Oranier Straße 1
DE-35708 Haiger

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