STRASSER stones – the future of the kitchen

STRASSER Steine ​​GmbH is Austria's market leader for kitchen worktops made of natural stone. The company has been producing in Upper Austria's Mühlviertel, in the heartland of granite, for almost 60 years. With the founding of its own sales company in Kösching near Ingolstadt, the company has also had a nationwide presence on the German market since the beginning of 2016. 270 employees generated sales of 44.1 million euros in 2021.

The focus of production at STRASSER Steine ​​is high-quality kitchen worktops, which, in addition to natural stone worktops, have recently also included RE-STONING kitchen worktops, because the trend in today's society has been towards sustainability and recyclability for many years. This trend has gained a lot of momentum – especially in the last few months – and will increasingly find its way into the kitchen.

The return to the roots was already part of the world of STRASSER almost four years ago. With the introduction of the regional Alpenwelt range, it hit the ravages of time. Just like back then, the call for regionality is stronger today than ever before.

Alpinova - the first RE-STONING kitchen worktop in the world

Following the launch of the Alpenwelt range, which is quarried in the Alps, the focus is now shifting to the next level of sustainability - the premiere of "Alpinova", the world's first RE-STONING kitchen worktop.

This masterpiece breaks new ground in an environmentally friendly future. "We've been thinking for a long time about how we can recycle and refine offcuts from production or used kitchen worktops. Through "Fügung" and an Italian partner, this own recycled premium kitchen worktop has become a reality. The circle has closed. This makes the kitchen worktop a sustainable product,” says STRASSER Managing Director Johannes Artmayr.

This new product consists of around 50 percent recycled material and up to 40 percent natural stone granules. The remaining 10 percent are high-quality binders. The "Alpinova" product range is initially available in five colors (verde, nero, fango, grigio, bianco) and two surfaces (polished and leather look). "Alpinova" worktops meet all the requirements that a modern kitchen worktop has to meet: They are absolutely easy to care for, hygienic, largely scratch and cut-resistant and heat-resistant up to around 200 degrees Celsius.

Semi gloss - the best of both worlds

STRASSER natural stones are not only characterized by their incomparable appearance, but also by their durability. By combining the best properties of "leather look" and the polished version, a completely new - smooth and velvety matt - surface is created with "semi gloss". This creates a new revolution in the surface finish of kitchen worktops made of natural stone. These new characteristics Natural stones shine in new splendor and give the current generation of kitchens a modern touch with the matt fronts.


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