Press release

Press release

Final report on area30 and cube30 – design. kitchen. technics., held 14 to 19 September 2019


area30 and cube30: great atmosphere, strong number of orders, high level of visitor interest

Having been successfully held in partnership with the nearby exhibition centre cube30, the ninth instalment of “area30 design. kitchen. technics” once again saw improvements from every angle. New record figures for exhibition space, visitors and exhibitors add up to a great success for everyone involved. The outstanding European trade fair for the kitchen furniture industry, suppliers and accessory manufacturers recorded an increase in visitors of over 13 per cent.

Exhibitors, visitors, media representatives and the entire kitchen industry: everyone can be proud and satisfied with this year’s order duo known as area30 and cube30. When organiser trendfairs GmbH (Munich) writes about “peak values and a fantastic mood” in its ad-hoc release at the end of the fair, it is no exaggeration.

Surprises in every respect
The first conclusion is this: area30 and cube30, held between 14 and 19 September, enjoyed a strong level of growth. With its unique wealth of new products, its great atmosphere and intense ordering activity, the “double order fair” can consider 2019 to be a year in which it expanded its leading position as one of the most important business dates for the kitchen industry – both as part of the A30 Küchenmeile and on a pan-European scale.

The usual high-quality and yet nonetheless extraordinary business atmosphere – from online to live check-in, and from relaxed parking, to catering and the extended shuttle service – contributed to this. Compared to the previous year’s event, many back-end improvements were made – the most obvious of which were at the check-in counters.

Online ticketing: simply scan and you’re in!
While queues of visitors sometimes formed in previous years, in 2019 the exhibition entrance area had a regular flow of foot traffic. This new reality was the result of a perfectly automated, online pre-ticketing process. Weeks before the start of the fair, this was already being used by plenty of visitors.

The area30 and cube30 exhibitors more than pulled their weight with stand constructions of sophisticated design. Most of the more than 130 exhibitors and brands are regular exhibitors and have been part of the event from the very beginning. Many companies and an increasing number of kitchen furniture manufacturers have joined in the meantime. With a competent mix of newcomers, market leaders and brands, the “duo order fair” in Löhne presented the multifaceted world of modern kitchens on a total of 11,300 m² of exhibition space. It left a fascinating impression on trade visitors and media representatives alike.

Increase in visitor numbers, an above-average amount of whom were international
On the visitor side, the continued increase in those coming from abroad is a particularly positive surprise. Of the 14,817 trade visitors (+13.3% compared with 13,070 in the previous year), almost one third came from abroad (approx. 25% in 2018; approx. 18% in 2017), and around 60 countries were represented. Among the international visitors, many came from outside Europe: China (65 guests), Turkey (42), the US (25), Ukraine (20), as well as Vietnam (6) and Iran (5). The exhibitors at area30 and cube30 were also able to welcome visitors from far away – from Swaziland, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia, for example.

With the highest number of visitors coming from Germany, at 10,291, as in previous years, the next-strongest proportion of visitors came from the Netherlands (8.87%). After that came Belgium (3.16%), Austria (2.08%), and then France, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, and Spain. All these markets recorded rising visitor numbers in 2018.

Kitchen trade dominates, interest in craftsmanship
The origin of trade visitors by sector is always important to consider. The majority are representatives of kitchen studios (6,091 visitors compared with 4,960 in the previous year) plus specialist kitchen retailers (1,136 compared with 930 in the previous year). 1,684 visitors came to area30 from the furniture trade, cooperatives and purchasing associations. The industry was strongly represented with 1,070 guests from the kitchen furniture industry, 479 from the electrical appliance industry and 371 from the furniture industry.

There were another 425 carpenters as well. In addition to numerous networkers and journalists, 189 representatives from the building and electrical markets were recorded. Once again, the group of architects, interior designers, contractors and designers seems to be making a strong comeback: a total of 548 representatives travelled to area30 and cube30.

Sales and first management level: the trade fair for decision-makers
On the other hand, the roles of their guests within their respective companies plays a particularly important role for exhibitors. The majority of trade fair visitors come from sales and distribution: 4,714 visitors were counted in the narrower sense. If product managers and developers, customer service, marketing and independent agents are also included, this visitor group increases by a further 1,263 individuals. This makes it clear that almost every second trade fair visitor is particularly close to his or her respective market.

At 4,165 guests, the next largest group of visitors are the owners, board members or managing directors of the companies themselves. In numerical terms, designers (629 individuals), buyers (566) and media representatives (129) followed – 72 of them were journalists who had accredited themselves. Of the main trading nations in the kitchen sector, Great Britain, Belgium and Switzerland stand out, with a disproportionately large number of top-level decision-makers making the trip. By contrast, the sales presence from Austria, France and Italy was unusually high – topped by the Netherlands, where every third trade fair visitor demonstrated marketing competence.

Growth in orders for most exhibitors
A feel-good business atmosphere and consistent service-based thinking radiated far and wide. The result is a fantastic exhibitor demand and an impressive visitor balance that extends beyond the borders of Europe.

And most importantly: Good business was conducted at area30 and cube30! A third of the exhibitors surveyed consider their orders for 2019 to be at the same level as last year or somewhat worse. Two thirds, on the other hand, report satisfactory growth – with an incredible 20% of respondents even talking about significantly better business than in the extremely successful year of 2018.

Volker Irle, Managing Director of the Die Moderne Küche e.V. consortium (AMK):
“This year’s area30 was truly positive. As far as I could tell, the mood among the exhibitors was very good, which was also thanks to the good visitor contacts. We believe that area30 in particular is an important contributor to enabling the entire industry to exhibit as part of in-house exhibitions. area30 has become an important date in the line-up of autumn in-house exhibitions.”

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Facts & figures 2019: area30 and cube30 at a glance

Trade visitors
14,817 trade visitors from around 60 countries (2018: 13,070 trade visitors).
Ranking (up to 50 persons): 10,291 (9,124) trade visitors from Germany, 1,205 (1,039) from the Netherlands, 429 (256) from Belgium, 282 (259) from Austria, 169 (116) from France, 155 (106) from Switzerland, 115 (103) from Italy, 132 (84) from the UK, 76 (67) from Poland, 74 (55) from Russia, 65 (59) from China, and 57 (49) from Spain.

Over 130 exhibitors and brands

Product groups
Accessories, countertops, fittings, services, fume hoods, electrical appliances, trade press, institutions/associations, kitchen furniture, lighting, furniture, niche back panels, software/ IT, miscellaneous, sinks, chairs, tables and kitchen accessories.

Next event
2020: 19 to 24 September

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