Updated August 16, 2022

For a safe implementation

The area30 and cube30 2022 will take place as face-to-face trade fairs.

Safe implementation for everyone involved is the priority for trendfairs GmbH. Currently, the statutory corona regulations do not provide for a mask requirement and admission controls. The statutory corona regulations of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia apply. However, trendfairs GmbH reserves the right to act according to current legislation or current infection rates and to adapt the hygiene rules.

The following persons are excluded from visiting the exhibition:
• Persons with acute, non-specific general and respiratory symptoms of any severity.
• Persons for whom home quarantine has been ordered.

trendfairs GmbH recommends doing a self-test before visiting the trade fair or before starting work on the area30 and cube30.

If we have to adjust our hygiene rules, you can find them on area-30.de and cube30.de.

Ventilation systems

At the area30 trade fair, supply air systems are used exclusively for heating, ventilation and cooled air. The quantity and dimension of these supply air systems will be significantly increased in 2022, so that at least 3-5 times the air circulation will result in outstandingly good air quality. In addition, high-performance extraction systems will be used for the second time in 2022.

You can find out more about the ventilation systems here.

Observing the right approaches to heating and ventilation of the rooms can make a significant contribution to avoiding infection. The priority today is to generate the highest possible air exchange rate. The air flow in the room is carried out by displacement ventilation. In addition to the supply of as large a quantity of fresh air as possible, a targeted extraction of the "used" air is also important. One of the main advantages is that by using displacement ventilation, aerosol clouds can be diluted and carried away from the area of occupants. During the forthcoming heating season, the system is supported by the thermals, since the warm air rises and transports aerosols and pollutants along with it. The polluted air can then be extracted in a targeted manner under the hall ceiling.

Would you like to find out more details about the safe implementation of the area30 2022 trade fair?
Just write an email to Ulrike Rohde, .

We look forward to a successful area30 and cube30 2022 with you.