For a safe implementation

For the implementation of trade fairs in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the current ordinances are in favor of area30.

The implementation of area30 is easily feasible with these guidelines.

Area30 2021 will take place as a presence fair.

Although the signs are pointing to “back to normal” for autumn 2021, trendfairs is preparing for a safe implementation with a feel-good factor for the area30 order trade fair.

Together with experts, safety and hygiene concepts are constantly updated. In this way, details are implemented which are particularly advantageous for the area30 order trade fair, especially in temporary hall systems.

Read here important details in 6 points about details of these advantages and the measures for a safe implementation:

1. Visitor regulation

A larger central area is created with separate entrances and exits.

2. Open spaces

For an optimal implementation of the trade fair, the number of visitors in relation to the available space must be taken into account. Temporary hall systems have a decisive advantage here: the hall dimensions can be adapted to the required dimensions (ratio of visitor numbers to hall dimensions). There is enough space available on the square in Löhne to enlarge the hall.

According to the latest regulations in comparison with the expected number of visitors and the size of the hall, there will be no waiting times for visitors to enter. We ask visitors to check-in online beforehand, so that admission on site can be guaranteed quickly and easily.

For online check-in for trade visitors, click here.

3. Hygiene

The implementation of hygiene measures can easily be implemented, both in the entire hall area, in the access area, in the catering area and in the sanitary facilities. Completely contactless entry by the visitor to area30 is implemented with modern scanning systems (scan in and scan out). Larger dimensions of the catering area can also be easily implemented. The size and quantity of the sanitary facilities can be expanded as required.

4. Ventilation systems

At the area30 trade fair, only supply air systems are used for heating, ventilation and cooled air. The amount, the position and the dimensions of these supply air systems can be adjusted and increased, so that an excellent air quality is created with at least an 8-fold air circulation. The temporary hall systems used by trendfairs are prepared for a high level of air exchange.

See in this example image how the high air transport is guaranteed on the area30:

Observing the right approaches when heating and ventilating the rooms can make a significant contribution to a suitable hygiene concept. The priority today is to achieve the highest possible air exchange rate. The air is routed in the room by means of displacement ventilation. In addition to the supply of as large a quantity of fresh air as possible, a targeted suction of the "used" air is also important. One of the main advantages is that through the use of displacement ventilation, aerosol clouds can be diluted and carried away from the area of the people in the room. During the upcoming heating season, the system is supported by the thermal, as the warm air rises and carries aerosols and pollutants on its way. The polluted air can then be extracted in a targeted manner under the hall ceiling.

5. Traceability

Although trendfairs believes that there will be no follow-up, registration systems are used which record all contact details of every person in the hall, including the period of the visit. The information is collected completely contactless and in compliance with the GDPR.

6. Other tools

Trendfairs deals with the implementation of further measures for a safe feel-good fair on a daily basis. In particular, trendfairs observes and examines the possibilities of implementing approved quick test procedures for visitors and exhibitors as well as the current development of recording systems for infection or vaccination status. In addition, an external team of experts works together with trendfairs for other variants so that trendfairs can provide additional tools at the appropriate times, which can be used if necessary.

Would you like to find out more details about the safe implementation of area30?
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We look forward to an interesting area30 2021 with you.

Status: June 2021